Charles E. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Troy University-Atlanta

Charles E. Mitchell

Charles E. Mitchell is a retired federal employee (U.S. EEOC) and a graduate of the University of Georgia (Ph.D.). He is currently employed as an associate professor at Troy University where he teaches courses in ethics, org. behavior, leadership, public personnel administration and foundations of public administration. In addition to ASPA, Dr. Mitchell is a member of Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Alpha Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi and COMPA. Charles is a past chapter president of ASPA, and has served as chapter secretary of the former metro-Atlanta chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. Charles has presented research papers in conferences throughout the southeast, Texas, Virginia, DC, California, Canada (Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver) and France (Paris). Published works appear in the Labor Law Journal, Public Personnel Management, Review of Public Personnel Administration, various conference proceedings and book chapters in Cultural and Social Diversity and the Transition from Education to Work & The International Handbook of Cultures of Education Policy: Comparative International Issues in Policy-Outcome Relationships. Charles also serves as a volunteer mediator for the state of Georgia’s Annexation Dispute Resolution program.

Augustine Hammonds, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Georgia Regents University

Augustine Hammonds

Augustine Hammond is Associate Professor of Public Administration in the Department of Political Science at Georgia Regents University (formerly Augusta State University). He received his PhD in Urban Studies and Public Affairs from the University of Akron

Steven A. Bales
Labor Relations Specialist
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Steven Bales

Steven is a senior labor standards enforcement specialist for the Office of Labor Relations in HUD Region IV (Southeast/Caribbean).  He is responsible for enforcement, monitoring, technical assistance, and training of Florida entitlements, housing authorities and state agencies that manage HUD funds to which federal prevailing wage statutes apply.  He has acted as team lead in training and enforcement activities throughout the nation and contributed to the development/improvement of HUD labor standards policy.
Over the past thirty years, Steven has worked at the field and regional levels in Richmond, Boston, and Atlanta.  He holds an M.A. degree in Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Rhonda Franklin, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor Public Administration
Public Administration Department
Clark Atlanta University

Rhonda Franklin

Rhonda Franklin is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Clark Atlanta University. She teaches community development courses in the NASPAA accredited Master of Public Administration program. Her research interests include community health; experiential learning; and nonprofit leadership and management.

Adleasia J. Cameron

Sabrina Riles

Adleasia J. Cameron is a Project Coordinator professional. She earned a MPA from Troy State University and a MS in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has served in various leadership roles within communities providing expert knowledge on community, economic, and workforce development matters.

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